In English

I am a multimedia journalist from France. Here are some samples of my work in English.

_ Articles for CBC North

_ Articles for Equal Times

_ A text & photos published on Al Jazeera

_ A short video documentary I shot

_ Portrays of families in Texas conducted during the US presidential election in 2012

_ Interviews of Young Lebanese for a personal project

Here is my LinkedIn in English.


Layal Abu Darwich (Associate Programme Officer at UNHCR)

Melinda is an extremely promising person – highly motivated, persistent, and intelligent. I had the opportunity to coordinate with her the launching activities of “Media for Development” Project (A joint programme between UNDP-AFP Foundation and CFI). She contributed greatly to the success of the event, and I am always looking forward for future collaboration. It has been a joy and a privilege to work with Melinda.

Elie Wehbe (Editor in Chief and Press Officer)

Mélinda is a highly versatile journalist. I’ve seen her train Lebanese journalists with dedication, while attending seminars and perfecting her own skills at the same time. She is very ambitious, spontaneous and creative. Her project in Texas on US elections was simply inspiring, and perfectly done!

Robert Holloway (Director, AFP Foundation)

I have known Melinda for four years. She is full of ideas, enthusiastic, diligent, and a pleasure to work with .

Carol Mansour (Director/Editor/Producer at Forward Film Production)

Melinda is a creative camera woman with whom I have worked many times. I can count on her filming techniques and of her ability to chose the right frames. She is consistent, punctual and very reliable. I will recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good camera woman.

Sandra Gathmann Gonzalez (Bureau Manager / Correspondent at Feature Story News)

Melinda is a highly skilled shooter and editor with a very creative photographic eye. A reliable colleague and real pleasure to work with, she demonstrates passion and commitment to her work. With a keen interest in world affairs and an adventurous spirit Melinda would be a fantastic asset to any journalistic or creative tele-visual project.